MC Club Pool Records


50m Freestyle S1 SNR      
50m Freestyle S2 SNR      
50m Freestyle S3 SNR      
50m Freestyle S4 SNR      
50m Freestyle S5 SNR      
50m Freestyle S6 SNR Anna Sydenham 50.44 7 December 2013
50m Freestyle S7 SNR      
50m Freestyle S8 SNR      
50m Freestyle S9 SNR      
50m Freestyle S10 SNR      
50m Freestyle S11 SNR      
50m Freestyle S12 SNR      
50m Freestyle S13 SNR      
50m Freestyle S14 SNR      
50m Freestyle S15 SNR      
50m Freestyle S16 SNR      
50m Freestyle S17 SNR      
50m Freestyle S18 SNR      
50m Freestyle S19 SNR      
100m Freestyle S1 SNR      
100m Freestyle S2 SNR      
100m Freestyle S3 SNR      
100m Freestyle S4 SNR      
100m Freestyle S5 SNR      
100m Freestyle S6 SNR      
100m Freestyle S7 SNR      
100m Freestyle S8 SNR      
100m Freestyle S9 SNR      
100m Freestyle S10 SNR      
100m Freestyle S11 SNR      
100m Freestyle S12 SNR      
100m Freestyle S13 SNR      
100m Freestyle S14 SNR      
100m Freestyle S15 SNR      
100m Freestyle S16 SNR      
100m Freestyle S17 SNR      
100m Freestyle S18 SNR      
100m Freestyle S19 SNR      
200m Freestyle S1 SNR      
200m Freestyle S2 SNR      
200m Freestyle S3 SNR      
200m Freestyle S4 SNR      
200m Freestyle S5 SNR      
200m Freestyle S6 SNR      
200m Freestyle S7 SNR      
200m Freestyle S8 SNR      
200m Freestyle S9 SNR      
200m Freestyle S10 SNR      
200m Freestyle S11 SNR      
200m Freestyle S12 SNR      
200m Freestyle S13 SNR      
200m Freestyle S14 SNR      
200m Freestyle S15 SNR      
200m Freestyle S16 SNR      
200m Freestyle S17 SNR      
200m Freestyle S18 SNR      
200m Freestyle S19 SNR      
400m Freestyle S1 SNR      
400m Freestyle S2 SNR      
400m Freestyle S3 SNR      
400m Freestyle S4 SNR      
400m Freestyle S5 SNR      
400m Freestyle S6 SNR      
400m Freestyle S7 SNR      
400m Freestyle S8 SNR      
400m Freestyle S9 SNR      
400m Freestyle S10 SNR      
400m Freestyle S11 SNR      
400m Freestyle S12 SNR      
400m Freestyle S13 SNR      
400m Freestyle S14 SNR      
400m Freestyle S15 SNR      
400m Freestyle S16 SNR      
400m Freestyle S17 SNR      
400m Freestyle S18 SNR      
400m Freestyle S19 SNR      
800m Freestyle S1 SNR      
800m Freestyle S2 SNR      
800m Freestyle S3 SNR      
800m Freestyle S4 SNR      
800m Freestyle S5 SNR      
800m Freestyle S6 SNR      
800m Freestyle S7 SNR      
800m Freestyle S8 SNR      
800m Freestyle S9 SNR      
800m Freestyle S10 SNR      
800m Freestyle S11 SNR      
800m Freestyle S12 SNR      
800m Freestyle S13 SNR      
800m Freestyle S14 SNR      
800m Freestyle S15 SNR      
800m Freestyle S16 SNR      
800m Freestyle S17 SNR      
800m Freestyle S18 SNR      
800m Freestyle S19 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S1 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S2 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S3 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S4 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S5 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S6 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S7 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S8 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S9 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S10 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S11 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S12 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S13 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S14 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S15 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S16 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S17 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S18 SNR      
1500m Freestyle S19 SNR      
50m Backstroke S1 SNR      
50m Backstroke S2 SNR      
50m Backstroke S3 SNR      
50m Backstroke S4 SNR      
50m Backstroke S5 SNR      
50m Backstroke S6 SNR Anna Sydenham 59.79 8 December 2013
50m Backstroke S7 SNR      
50m Backstroke S8 SNR      
50m Backstroke S9 SNR      
50m Backstroke S10 SNR      
50m Backstroke S11 SNR      
50m Backstroke S12 SNR      
50m Backstroke S13 SNR      
50m Backstroke S14 SNR      
50m Backstroke S15 SNR      
50m Backstroke S16 SNR      
50m Backstroke S17 SNR      
50m Backstroke S18 SNR      
50m Backstroke S19 SNR      
100m Backstroke S1 SNR      
100m Backstroke S2 SNR      
100m Backstroke S3 SNR      
100m Backstroke S4 SNR      
100m Backstroke S5 SNR      
100m Backstroke S6 SNR      
100m Backstroke S7 SNR      
100m Backstroke S8 SNR      
100m Backstroke S9 SNR      
100m Backstroke S10 SNR      
100m Backstroke S11 SNR      
100m Backstroke S12 SNR      
100m Backstroke S13 SNR      
100m Backstroke S14 SNR      
100m Backstroke S15 SNR      
100m Backstroke S16 SNR      
100m Backstroke S17 SNR      
100m Backstroke S18 SNR      
100m Backstroke S19 SNR      
200m Backstroke S1 SNR      
200m Backstroke S2 SNR      
200m Backstroke S3 SNR      
200m Backstroke S4 SNR      
200m Backstroke S5 SNR      
200m Backstroke S6 SNR      
200m Backstroke S7 SNR      
200m Backstroke S8 SNR      
200m Backstroke S9 SNR      
200m Backstroke S10 SNR      
200m Backstroke S11 SNR      
200m Backstroke S12 SNR      
200m Backstroke S13 SNR      
200m Backstroke S14 SNR      
200m Backstroke S15 SNR      
200m Backstroke S16 SNR      
200m Backstroke S17 SNR      
200m Backstroke S18 SNR      
200m Backstroke S19 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB1 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB2 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB3 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB4 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB5 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB6 SNR Anna Sydenham 1:16.47 8 December 2013
50m Breaststroke SB7 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB8 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB9 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB10 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB11 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB12 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB13 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB14 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB15 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB16 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB17 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB18 SNR      
50m Breaststroke SB19 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB1 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB2 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB3 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB4 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB5 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB6 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB7 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB8 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB9 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB10 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB11 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB12 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB13 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB14 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB15 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB16 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB17 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB18 SNR      
100m Breaststroke SB19 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB1 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB2 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB3 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB4 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB5 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB6 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB7 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB8 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB9 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB10 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB11 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB12 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB13 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB14 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB15 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB16 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB17 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB18 SNR      
200m Breaststroke SB19 SNR      
50m Butterfly S1 SNR      
50m Butterfly S2 SNR      
50m Butterfly S3 SNR      
50m Butterfly S4 SNR      
50m Butterfly S5 SNR      
50m Butterfly S6 SNR Anna Sydenham 1:06.98 7 December 2013
50m Butterfly S7 SNR      
50m Butterfly S8 SNR      
50m Butterfly S9 SNR      
50m Butterfly S10 SNR      
50m Butterfly S11 SNR      
50m Butterfly S12 SNR      
50m Butterfly S13 SNR      
50m Butterfly S14 SNR      
50m Butterfly S15 SNR      
50m Butterfly S16 SNR      
50m Butterfly S17 SNR      
50m Butterfly S18 SNR      
50m Butterfly S19 SNR      
100m Butterfly S1 SNR      
100m Butterfly S2 SNR      
100m Butterfly S3 SNR      
100m Butterfly S4 SNR      
100m Butterfly S5 SNR      
100m Butterfly S6 SNR      
100m Butterfly S7 SNR      
100m Butterfly S8 SNR      
100m Butterfly S9 SNR      
100m Butterfly S10 SNR      
100m Butterfly S11 SNR      
100m Butterfly S12 SNR      
100m Butterfly S13 SNR      
100m Butterfly S14 SNR      
100m Butterfly S15 SNR      
100m Butterfly S16 SNR      
100m Butterfly S17 SNR      
100m Butterfly S18 SNR      
100m Butterfly S19 SNR      
200m Butterfly S1 SNR      
200m Butterfly S2 SNR      
200m Butterfly S3 SNR      
200m Butterfly S4 SNR      
200m Butterfly S5 SNR      
200m Butterfly S6 SNR      
200m Butterfly S7 SNR      
200m Butterfly S8 SNR      
200m Butterfly S9 SNR      
200m Butterfly S10 SNR      
200m Butterfly S11 SNR      
200m Butterfly S12 SNR      
200m Butterfly S13 SNR      
200m Butterfly S14 SNR      
200m Butterfly S15 SNR      
200m Butterfly S16 SNR      
200m Butterfly S17 SNR      
200m Butterfly S18 SNR      
200m Butterfly S19 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM1 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM2 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM3 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM4 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM5 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM6 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM7 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM8 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM9 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM10 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM11 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM12 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM13 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM14 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM15 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM16 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM17 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM18 SNR      
200m Individual Medley SM19 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM1 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM2 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM3 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM4 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM5 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM6 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM7 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM8 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM9 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM10 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM11 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM12 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM13 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM14 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM15 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM16 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM17 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM18 SNR      
400m Individual Medley SM19 SNR      
50m Freestyle S1 15      
50m Freestyle S2 15      
50m Freestyle S3 15      
50m Freestyle S4 15      
50m Freestyle S5 15      
50m Freestyle S6 15      
50m Freestyle S7 15      
50m Freestyle S8 15      
50m Freestyle S9 15      
50m Freestyle S10 15      
50m Freestyle S11 15      
50m Freestyle S12 15      
50m Freestyle S13 15      
50m Freestyle S14 15      
50m Freestyle S15 15      
50m Freestyle S16 15      
50m Freestyle S17 15      
50m Freestyle S18 15      
50m Freestyle S19 15 Sara Bergen 39.55 16 March 2022
100m Freestyle S1 15      
100m Freestyle S2 15      
100m Freestyle S3 15      
100m Freestyle S4 15      
100m Freestyle S5 15      
100m Freestyle S6 15      
100m Freestyle S7 15      
100m Freestyle S8 15      
100m Freestyle S9 15      
100m Freestyle S10 15      
100m Freestyle S11 15      
100m Freestyle S12 15      
100m Freestyle S13 15      
100m Freestyle S14 15      
100m Freestyle S15 15      
100m Freestyle S16 15      
100m Freestyle S17 15      
100m Freestyle S18 15      
100m Freestyle S19 15 Sara Bergen 1:31.23 16 March 2022
200m Freestyle S1 15      
200m Freestyle S2 15      
200m Freestyle S3 15      
200m Freestyle S4 15      
200m Freestyle S5 15      
200m Freestyle S6 15      
200m Freestyle S7 15      
200m Freestyle S8 15      
200m Freestyle S9 15      
200m Freestyle S10 15      
200m Freestyle S11 15      
200m Freestyle S12 15      
200m Freestyle S13 15      
200m Freestyle S14 15      
200m Freestyle S15 15      
200m Freestyle S16 15      
200m Freestyle S17 15      
200m Freestyle S18 15      
200m Freestyle S19 15 Sara Bergen 3:36.81 11 March 2022
400m Freestyle S1 15      
400m Freestyle S2 15      
400m Freestyle S3 15      
400m Freestyle S4 15      
400m Freestyle S5 15      
400m Freestyle S6 15      
400m Freestyle S7 15      
400m Freestyle S8 15      
400m Freestyle S9 15      
400m Freestyle S10 15      
400m Freestyle S11 15      
400m Freestyle S12 15      
400m Freestyle S13 15      
400m Freestyle S14 15      
400m Freestyle S15 15      
400m Freestyle S16 15      
400m Freestyle S17 15      
400m Freestyle S18 15      
400m Freestyle S19 15 Sara Bergen 7:17.13 18 March 2022
800m Freestyle S1 15      
800m Freestyle S2 15      
800m Freestyle S3 15      
800m Freestyle S4 15      
800m Freestyle S5 15      
800m Freestyle S6 15      
800m Freestyle S7 15      
800m Freestyle S8 15      
800m Freestyle S9 15      
800m Freestyle S10 15      
800m Freestyle S11 15      
800m Freestyle S12 15      
800m Freestyle S13 15      
800m Freestyle S14 15      
800m Freestyle S15 15      
800m Freestyle S16 15      
800m Freestyle S17 15      
800m Freestyle S18 15      
800m Freestyle S19 15      
1500m Freestyle S1 15      
1500m Freestyle S2 15      
1500m Freestyle S3 15      
1500m Freestyle S4 15      
1500m Freestyle S5 15      
1500m Freestyle S6 15      
1500m Freestyle S7 15      
1500m Freestyle S8 15      
1500m Freestyle S9 15      
1500m Freestyle S10 15      
1500m Freestyle S11 15      
1500m Freestyle S12 15      
1500m Freestyle S13 15      
1500m Freestyle S14 15      
1500m Freestyle S15 15      
1500m Freestyle S16 15      
1500m Freestyle S17 15      
1500m Freestyle S18 15      
1500m Freestyle S19 15      
50m Backstroke S1 15      
50m Backstroke S2 15      
50m Backstroke S3 15      
50m Backstroke S4 15      
50m Backstroke S5 15      
50m Backstroke S6 15      
50m Backstroke S7 15      
50m Backstroke S8 15      
50m Backstroke S9 15      
50m Backstroke S10 15      
50m Backstroke S11 15      
50m Backstroke S12 15      
50m Backstroke S13 15      
50m Backstroke S14 15      
50m Backstroke S15 15      
50m Backstroke S16 15      
50m Backstroke S17 15      
50m Backstroke S18 15      
50m Backstroke S19 15 Sara Bergen 45.11 22 October 2022
100m Backstroke S1 15      
100m Backstroke S2 15      
100m Backstroke S3 15      
100m Backstroke S4 15      
100m Backstroke S5 15      
100m Backstroke S6 15      
100m Backstroke S7 15      
100m Backstroke S8 15      
100m Backstroke S9 15      
100m Backstroke S10 15      
100m Backstroke S11 15      
100m Backstroke S12 15      
100m Backstroke S13 15      
100m Backstroke S14 15      
100m Backstroke S15 15      
100m Backstroke S16 15      
100m Backstroke S17 15      
100m Backstroke S18 15      
100m Backstroke S19 15 Sara Bergen 1:38.00 22 October 2022
200m Backstroke S1 15      
200m Backstroke S2 15      
200m Backstroke S3 15      
200m Backstroke S4 15      
200m Backstroke S5 15      
200m Backstroke S6 15      
200m Backstroke S7 15      
200m Backstroke S8 15      
200m Backstroke S9 15      
200m Backstroke S10 15      
200m Backstroke S11 15      
200m Backstroke S12 15      
200m Backstroke S13 15      
200m Backstroke S14 15      
200m Backstroke S15 15      
200m Backstroke S16 15      
200m Backstroke S17 15      
200m Backstroke S18 15      
200m Backstroke S19 15 Sara Bergen 3:49.16 11 March 2022
50m Breaststroke SB1 15      
50m Breaststroke SB2 15      
50m Breaststroke SB3 15      
50m Breaststroke SB4 15      
50m Breaststroke SB5 15      
50m Breaststroke SB6 15      
50m Breaststroke SB7 15      
50m Breaststroke SB8 15      
50m Breaststroke SB9 15      
50m Breaststroke SB10 15      
50m Breaststroke SB11 15      
50m Breaststroke SB12 15      
50m Breaststroke SB13 15      
50m Breaststroke SB14 15      
50m Breaststroke SB15 15      
50m Breaststroke SB16 15      
50m Breaststroke SB17 15      
50m Breaststroke SB18 15      
50m Breaststroke SB19 15 Sara Bergen 57.69 16 March 2022
100m Breaststroke SB1 15      
100m Breaststroke SB2 15      
100m Breaststroke SB3 15      
100m Breaststroke SB4 15      
100m Breaststroke SB5 15      
100m Breaststroke SB6 15      
100m Breaststroke SB7 15      
100m Breaststroke SB8 15      
100m Breaststroke SB9 15      
100m Breaststroke SB10 15      
100m Breaststroke SB11 15      
100m Breaststroke SB12 15      
100m Breaststroke SB13 15      
100m Breaststroke SB14 15      
100m Breaststroke SB15 15      
100m Breaststroke SB16 15      
100m Breaststroke SB17 15      
100m Breaststroke SB18 15      
100m Breaststroke SB19 15 Sara Bergen 2:11.50 4 March 2022
200m Breaststroke SB1 15      
200m Breaststroke SB2 15      
200m Breaststroke SB3 15      
200m Breaststroke SB4 15      
200m Breaststroke SB5 15      
200m Breaststroke SB6 15      
200m Breaststroke SB7 15      
200m Breaststroke SB8 15      
200m Breaststroke SB9 15      
200m Breaststroke SB10 15      
200m Breaststroke SB11 15      
200m Breaststroke SB12 15      
200m Breaststroke SB13 15      
200m Breaststroke SB14 15      
200m Breaststroke SB15 15      
200m Breaststroke SB16 15      
200m Breaststroke SB17 15      
200m Breaststroke SB18 15      
200m Breaststroke SB19 15      
50m Butterfly S1 15      
50m Butterfly S2 15      
50m Butterfly S3 15      
50m Butterfly S4 15      
50m Butterfly S5 15      
50m Butterfly S6 15      
50m Butterfly S7 15      
50m Butterfly S8 15      
50m Butterfly S9 15      
50m Butterfly S10 15      
50m Butterfly S11 15      
50m Butterfly S12 15      
50m Butterfly S13 15      
50m Butterfly S14 15      
50m Butterfly S15 15      
50m Butterfly S16 15      
50m Butterfly S17 15      
50m Butterfly S18 15      
50m Butterfly S19 15 Sara Bergen 45.10 22 October 2022
100m Butterfly S1 15      
100m Butterfly S2 15      
100m Butterfly S3 15      
100m Butterfly S4 15      
100m Butterfly S5 15      
100m Butterfly S6 15      
100m Butterfly S7 15      
100m Butterfly S8 15      
100m Butterfly S9 15      
100m Butterfly S10 15      
100m Butterfly S11 15      
100m Butterfly S12 15      
100m Butterfly S13 15      
100m Butterfly S14 15      
100m Butterfly S15 15      
100m Butterfly S16 15      
100m Butterfly S17 15      
100m Butterfly S18 15      
100m Butterfly S19 15      
200m Butterfly S1 15      
200m Butterfly S2 15      
200m Butterfly S3 15      
200m Butterfly S4 15      
200m Butterfly S5 15      
200m Butterfly S6 15      
200m Butterfly S7 15      
200m Butterfly S8 15      
200m Butterfly S9 15      
200m Butterfly S10 15      
200m Butterfly S11 15      
200m Butterfly S12 15      
200m Butterfly S13 15      
200m Butterfly S14 15      
200m Butterfly S15 15      
200m Butterfly S16 15      
200m Butterfly S17 15      
200m Butterfly S18 15      
200m Butterfly S19 15      
200m Individual Medley SM1 15      
200m Individual Medley SM2 15      
200m Individual Medley SM3 15      
200m Individual Medley SM4 15      
200m Individual Medley SM5 15      
200m Individual Medley SM6 15      
200m Individual Medley SM7 15      
200m Individual Medley SM8 15      
200m Individual Medley SM9 15      
200m Individual Medley SM10 15      
200m Individual Medley SM11 15      
200m Individual Medley SM12 15      
200m Individual Medley SM13 15      
200m Individual Medley SM14 15      
200m Individual Medley SM15 15      
200m Individual Medley SM16 15      
200m Individual Medley SM17 15      
200m Individual Medley SM18 15      
200m Individual Medley SM19 15 Sara Bergen 3:40.07 18 November 2022
400m Individual Medley SM1 15      
400m Individual Medley SM2 15      
400m Individual Medley SM3 15      
400m Individual Medley SM4 15      
400m Individual Medley SM5 15      
400m Individual Medley SM6 15      
400m Individual Medley SM7 15      
400m Individual Medley SM8 15      
400m Individual Medley SM9 15      
400m Individual Medley SM10 15      
400m Individual Medley SM11 15      
400m Individual Medley SM12 15      
400m Individual Medley SM13 15      
400m Individual Medley SM14 15      
400m Individual Medley SM15 15      
400m Individual Medley SM16 15      
400m Individual Medley SM17 15      
400m Individual Medley SM18 15      
400m Individual Medley SM19 15      
50m Freestyle S1 14      
50m Freestyle S2 14      
50m Freestyle S3 14      
50m Freestyle S4 14      
50m Freestyle S5 14      
50m Freestyle S6 14      
50m Freestyle S7 14      
50m Freestyle S8 14      
50m Freestyle S9 14      
50m Freestyle S10 14      
50m Freestyle S11 14      
50m Freestyle S12 14      
50m Freestyle S13 14      
50m Freestyle S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 32.06 5 December 2015
50m Freestyle S15 14      
50m Freestyle S16 14      
50m Freestyle S17 14      
50m Freestyle S18 14      
50m Freestyle S19 14 Sara Bergen 40.97 15 January 2022
100m Freestyle S1 14      
100m Freestyle S2 14      
100m Freestyle S3 14      
100m Freestyle S4 14      
100m Freestyle S5 14      
100m Freestyle S6 14 Anna Sydenham 1:53.02 8 December 2013
100m Freestyle S7 14      
100m Freestyle S8 14      
100m Freestyle S9 14      
100m Freestyle S10 14      
100m Freestyle S11 14      
100m Freestyle S12 14      
100m Freestyle S13 14      
100m Freestyle S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 1:09.40 6 December 2015
100m Freestyle S15 14      
100m Freestyle S16 14      
100m Freestyle S17 14      
100m Freestyle S18 14      
100m Freestyle S19 14 Sara Bergen 1:36.98 12 December 2021
200m Freestyle S1 14      
200m Freestyle S2 14      
200m Freestyle S3 14      
200m Freestyle S4 14      
200m Freestyle S5 14      
200m Freestyle S6 14      
200m Freestyle S7 14      
200m Freestyle S8 14      
200m Freestyle S9 14      
200m Freestyle S10 14      
200m Freestyle S11 14      
200m Freestyle S12 14      
200m Freestyle S13 14      
200m Freestyle S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 2:30.91 6 December 2015
200m Freestyle S15 14      
200m Freestyle S16 14      
200m Freestyle S17 14      
200m Freestyle S18 14      
200m Freestyle S19 14      
400m Freestyle S1 14      
400m Freestyle S2 14      
400m Freestyle S3 14      
400m Freestyle S4 14      
400m Freestyle S5 14      
400m Freestyle S6 14      
400m Freestyle S7 14      
400m Freestyle S8 14      
400m Freestyle S9 14      
400m Freestyle S10 14      
400m Freestyle S11 14      
400m Freestyle S12 14      
400m Freestyle S13 14      
400m Freestyle S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 5:18.20 5 December 2015
400m Freestyle S15 14      
400m Freestyle S16 14      
400m Freestyle S17 14      
400m Freestyle S18 14      
400m Freestyle S19 14      
800m Freestyle S1 14      
800m Freestyle S2 14      
800m Freestyle S3 14      
800m Freestyle S4 14      
800m Freestyle S5 14      
800m Freestyle S6 14      
800m Freestyle S7 14      
800m Freestyle S8 14      
800m Freestyle S9 14      
800m Freestyle S10 14      
800m Freestyle S11 14      
800m Freestyle S12 14      
800m Freestyle S13 14      
800m Freestyle S14 14      
800m Freestyle S15 14      
800m Freestyle S16 14      
800m Freestyle S17 14      
800m Freestyle S18 14      
800m Freestyle S19 14      
1500m Freestyle S1 14      
1500m Freestyle S2 14      
1500m Freestyle S3 14      
1500m Freestyle S4 14      
1500m Freestyle S5 14      
1500m Freestyle S6 14      
1500m Freestyle S7 14      
1500m Freestyle S8 14      
1500m Freestyle S9 14      
1500m Freestyle S10 14      
1500m Freestyle S11 14      
1500m Freestyle S12 14      
1500m Freestyle S13 14      
1500m Freestyle S14 14      
1500m Freestyle S15 14      
1500m Freestyle S16 14      
1500m Freestyle S17 14      
1500m Freestyle S18 14      
1500m Freestyle S19 14      
50m Backstroke S1 14      
50m Backstroke S2 14      
50m Backstroke S3 14      
50m Backstroke S4 14      
50m Backstroke S5 14      
50m Backstroke S6 14      
50m Backstroke S7 14      
50m Backstroke S8 14      
50m Backstroke S9 14      
50m Backstroke S10 14      
50m Backstroke S11 14      
50m Backstroke S12 14      
50m Backstroke S13 14      
50m Backstroke S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 36.59 6 December 2015
50m Backstroke S15 14      
50m Backstroke S16 14      
50m Backstroke S17 14      
50m Backstroke S18 14      
50m Backstroke S19 14 Sara Bergen 46.28 15 January 2022
100m Backstroke S1 14      
100m Backstroke S2 14      
100m Backstroke S3 14      
100m Backstroke S4 14      
100m Backstroke S5 14      
100m Backstroke S6 14      
100m Backstroke S7 14      
100m Backstroke S8 14      
100m Backstroke S9 14      
100m Backstroke S10 14      
100m Backstroke S11 14      
100m Backstroke S12 14      
100m Backstroke S13 14      
100m Backstroke S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 1:22.30 5 December 2015
100m Backstroke S15 14      
100m Backstroke S16 14      
100m Backstroke S17 14      
100m Backstroke S18 14      
100m Backstroke S19 14 Sara Bergen 1:48.06 21 January 2022
200m Backstroke S1 14      
200m Backstroke S2 14      
200m Backstroke S3 14      
200m Backstroke S4 14      
200m Backstroke S5 14      
200m Backstroke S6 14      
200m Backstroke S7 14      
200m Backstroke S8 14      
200m Backstroke S9 14      
200m Backstroke S10 14      
200m Backstroke S11 14      
200m Backstroke S12 14      
200m Backstroke S13 14      
200m Backstroke S14 14 Madeleine McTernan 2:53.29 5 December 2015
200m Backstroke S15 14      
200m Backstroke S16 14      
200m Backstroke S17 14      
200m Backstroke S18 14      
200m Backstroke S19 14      
50m Breaststroke SB1 14      
50m Breaststroke SB2 14      
50m Breaststroke SB3 14      
50m Breaststroke SB4 14      
50m Breaststroke SB5 14      
50m Breaststroke SB6 14      
50m Breaststroke SB7 14      
50m Breaststroke SB8 14      
50m Breaststroke SB9 14      
50m Breaststroke SB10 14      
50m Breaststroke SB11 14      
50m Breaststroke SB12 14      
50m Breaststroke SB13 14      
50m Breaststroke SB14 14      
50m Breaststroke SB15 14      
50m Breaststroke SB16 14      
50m Breaststroke SB17 14      
50m Breaststroke SB18 14      
50m Breaststroke SB19 14 Sara Bergen 1:01.18 21 January 2022
100m Breaststroke SB1 14      
100m Breaststroke SB2 14      
100m Breaststroke SB3 14      
100m Breaststroke SB4 14      
100m Breaststroke SB5 14      
100m Breaststroke SB6 14      
100m Breaststroke SB7 14      
100m Breaststroke SB8 14      
100m Breaststroke SB9 14      
100m Breaststroke SB10 14      
100m Breaststroke SB11 14      
100m Breaststroke SB12 14      
100m Breaststroke SB13 14      
100m Breaststroke SB14 14      
100m Breaststroke SB15 14      
100m Breaststroke SB16 14      
100m Breaststroke SB17 14      
100m Breaststroke SB18 14      
100m Breaststroke SB19 14      
200m Breaststroke SB1 14      
200m Breaststroke SB2 14      
200m Breaststroke SB3 14      
200m Breaststroke SB4 14      
200m Breaststroke SB5 14      
200m Breaststroke SB6 14      
200m Breaststroke SB7 14      
200m Breaststroke SB8 14      
200m Breaststroke SB9 14      
200m Breaststroke SB10 14      
200m Breaststroke SB11 14      
200m Breaststroke SB12 14      
200m Breaststroke SB13 14      
200m Breaststroke SB14 14      
200m Breaststroke SB15 14      
200m Breaststroke SB16 14      
200m Breaststroke SB17 14      
200m Breaststroke SB18 14      
200m Breaststroke SB19 14      
50m Butterfly S1 14      
50m Butterfly S2 14      
50m Butterfly S3 14      
50m Butterfly S4 14      
50m Butterfly S5 14      
50m Butterfly S6 14      
50m Butterfly S7 14      
50m Butterfly S8 14      
50m Butterfly S9 14      
50m Butterfly S10 14      
50m Butterfly S11 14      
50m Butterfly S12 14      
50m Butterfly S13 14      
50m Butterfly S14 14      
50m Butterfly S15 14      
50m Butterfly S16 14      
50m Butterfly S17 14      
50m Butterfly S18 14      
50m Butterfly S19 14 Sara Bergen 45.61 11 December 2021
100m Butterfly S1 14      
100m Butterfly S2 14      
100m Butterfly S3 14      
100m Butterfly S4 14      
100m Butterfly S5 14      
100m Butterfly S6 14      
100m Butterfly S7 14      
100m Butterfly S8 14      
100m Butterfly S9 14      
100m Butterfly S10 14      
100m Butterfly S11 14      
100m Butterfly S12 14      
100m Butterfly S13 14      
100m Butterfly S14 14      
100m Butterfly S15 14      
100m Butterfly S16 14      
100m Butterfly S17 14      
100m Butterfly S18 14      
100m Butterfly S19 14 Sara Bergen 1:50.58 21 January 2021
200m Butterfly S1 14      
200m Butterfly S2 14      
200m Butterfly S3 14      
200m Butterfly S4 14      
200m Butterfly S5 14      
200m Butterfly S6 14      
200m Butterfly S7 14      
200m Butterfly S8 14      
200m Butterfly S9 14      
200m Butterfly S10 14      
200m Butterfly S11 14      
200m Butterfly S12 14      
200m Butterfly S13 14      
200m Butterfly S14 14      
200m Butterfly S15 14      
200m Butterfly S16 14      
200m Butterfly S17 14      
200m Butterfly S18 14      
200m Butterfly S19 14      
200m Individual Medley SM1 14      
200m Individual Medley SM2 14      
200m Individual Medley SM3 14      
200m Individual Medley SM4 14      
200m Individual Medley SM5 14      
200m Individual Medley SM6 14      
200m Individual Medley SM7 14      
200m Individual Medley SM8 14      
200m Individual Medley SM9 14      
200m Individual Medley SM10 14      
200m Individual Medley SM11 14      
200m Individual Medley SM12 14      
200m Individual Medley SM13 14      
200m Individual Medley SM14 14 Madeleine McTernan 2:59.36 5 December 2015
200m Individual Medley SM15 14      
200m Individual Medley SM16 14      
200m Individual Medley SM17 14      
200m Individual Medley SM18 14      
200m Individual Medley SM19 14 Sara Bergen 3:57.71  15 January 2022
400m Individual Medley SM1 14      
400m Individual Medley SM2 14      
400m Individual Medley SM3 14      
400m Individual Medley SM4 14      
400m Individual Medley SM5 14      
400m Individual Medley SM6 14      
400m Individual Medley SM7 14      
400m Individual Medley SM8 14      
400m Individual Medley SM9 14      
400m Individual Medley SM10 14      
400m Individual Medley SM11 14      
400m Individual Medley SM12 14      
400m Individual Medley SM13 14      
400m Individual Medley SM14 14      
400m Individual Medley SM15 14      
400m Individual Medley SM16 14      
400m Individual Medley SM17 14      
400m Individual Medley SM18 14      
400m Individual Medley SM19 14      
50m Freestyle S1 13      
50m Freestyle S2 13      
50m Freestyle S3 13      
50m Freestyle S4 13      
50m Freestyle S5 13      
50m Freestyle S6 13      
50m Freestyle S7 13      
50m Freestyle S8 13      
50m Freestyle S9 13      
50m Freestyle S10 13      
50m Freestyle S11 13      
50m Freestyle S12 13      
50m Freestyle S13 13      
50m Freestyle S14 13      
50m Freestyle S15 13      
50m Freestyle S16 13      
50m Freestyle S17 13      
50m Freestyle S18 13      
50m Freestyle S19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 37.56 22 October 2022
100m Freestyle S1 13      
100m Freestyle S2 13      
100m Freestyle S3 13      
100m Freestyle S4 13      
100m Freestyle S5 13      
100m Freestyle S6 13      
100m Freestyle S7 13      
100m Freestyle S8 13      
100m Freestyle S9 13      
100m Freestyle S10 13      
100m Freestyle S11 13      
100m Freestyle S12 13      
100m Freestyle S13 13      
100m Freestyle S14 13      
100m Freestyle S15 13      
100m Freestyle S16 13      
100m Freestyle S17 13      
100m Freestyle S18 13      
100m Freestyle S19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 1:22.97 22 October 2022
200m Freestyle S1 13      
200m Freestyle S2 13      
200m Freestyle S3 13      
200m Freestyle S4 13      
200m Freestyle S5 13      
200m Freestyle S6 13      
200m Freestyle S7 13      
200m Freestyle S8 13      
200m Freestyle S9 13      
200m Freestyle S10 13      
200m Freestyle S11 13      
200m Freestyle S12 13      
200m Freestyle S13 13      
200m Freestyle S14 13      
200m Freestyle S15 13      
200m Freestyle S16 13      
200m Freestyle S17 13      
200m Freestyle S18 13      
200m Freestyle S19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 3:01.84 22 October 2022
400m Freestyle S1 13      
400m Freestyle S2 13      
400m Freestyle S3 13      
400m Freestyle S4 13      
400m Freestyle S5 13      
400m Freestyle S6 13      
400m Freestyle S7 13      
400m Freestyle S8 13      
400m Freestyle S9 13      
400m Freestyle S10 13      
400m Freestyle S11 13      
400m Freestyle S12 13      
400m Freestyle S13 13      
400m Freestyle S14 13      
400m Freestyle S15 13      
400m Freestyle S16 13      
400m Freestyle S17 13      
400m Freestyle S18 13      
400m Freestyle S19 13      
800m Freestyle S1 13      
800m Freestyle S2 13      
800m Freestyle S3 13      
800m Freestyle S4 13      
800m Freestyle S5 13      
800m Freestyle S6 13      
800m Freestyle S7 13      
800m Freestyle S8 13      
800m Freestyle S9 13      
800m Freestyle S10 13      
800m Freestyle S11 13      
800m Freestyle S12 13      
800m Freestyle S13 13      
800m Freestyle S14 13      
800m Freestyle S15 13      
800m Freestyle S16 13      
800m Freestyle S17 13      
800m Freestyle S18 13      
800m Freestyle S19 13      
1500m Freestyle S1 13      
1500m Freestyle S2 13      
1500m Freestyle S3 13      
1500m Freestyle S4 13      
1500m Freestyle S5 13      
1500m Freestyle S6 13      
1500m Freestyle S7 13      
1500m Freestyle S8 13      
1500m Freestyle S9 13      
1500m Freestyle S10 13      
1500m Freestyle S11 13      
1500m Freestyle S12 13      
1500m Freestyle S13 13      
1500m Freestyle S14 13      
1500m Freestyle S15 13      
1500m Freestyle S16 13      
1500m Freestyle S17 13      
1500m Freestyle S18 13      
1500m Freestyle S19 13      
50m Backstroke S1 13      
50m Backstroke S2 13      
50m Backstroke S3 13      
50m Backstroke S4 13      
50m Backstroke S5 13      
50m Backstroke S6 13      
50m Backstroke S7 13      
50m Backstroke S8 13      
50m Backstroke S9 13      
50m Backstroke S10 13      
50m Backstroke S11 13      
50m Backstroke S12 13      
50m Backstroke S13 13      
50m Backstroke S14 13 Madeleine McTernan 40.62 7 December 2014
50m Backstroke S15 13      
50m Backstroke S16 13      
50m Backstroke S17 13      
50m Backstroke S18 13      
50m Backstroke S19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 43.50 22 October 2022
100m Backstroke S1 13      
100m Backstroke S2 13      
100m Backstroke S3 13      
100m Backstroke S4 13      
100m Backstroke S5 13      
100m Backstroke S6 13      
100m Backstroke S7 13      
100m Backstroke S8 13      
100m Backstroke S9 13      
100m Backstroke S10 13      
100m Backstroke S11 13      
100m Backstroke S12 13      
100m Backstroke S13 13      
100m Backstroke S14 13 Madeleine McTernan 1:28.67 6 December 2014
100m Backstroke S15 13      
100m Backstroke S16 13      
100m Backstroke S17 13      
100m Backstroke S18 13      
100m Backstroke S19 13 Roes-Anna Herden 1.39:02 4 November 2022
200m Backstroke S1 13      
200m Backstroke S2 13      
200m Backstroke S3 13      
200m Backstroke S4 13      
200m Backstroke S5 13      
200m Backstroke S6 13      
200m Backstroke S7 13      
200m Backstroke S8 13      
200m Backstroke S9 13      
200m Backstroke S10 13      
200m Backstroke S11 13      
200m Backstroke S12 13      
200m Backstroke S13 13      
200m Backstroke S14 13      
200m Backstroke S15 13      
200m Backstroke S16 13      
200m Backstroke S17 13      
200m Backstroke S18 13      
200m Backstroke S19 13      
50m Breaststroke SB1 13      
50m Breaststroke SB2 13      
50m Breaststroke SB3 13      
50m Breaststroke SB4 13      
50m Breaststroke SB5 13      
50m Breaststroke SB6 13      
50m Breaststroke SB7 13      
50m Breaststroke SB8 13      
50m Breaststroke SB9 13      
50m Breaststroke SB10 13      
50m Breaststroke SB11 13      
50m Breaststroke SB12 13      
50m Breaststroke SB13 13      
50m Breaststroke SB14 13      
50m Breaststroke SB15 13      
50m Breaststroke SB16 13      
50m Breaststroke SB17 13      
50m Breaststroke SB18 13      
50m Breaststroke SB19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 49.94 22 October 2022
100m Breaststroke SB1 13      
100m Breaststroke SB2 13      
100m Breaststroke SB3 13      
100m Breaststroke SB4 13      
100m Breaststroke SB5 13      
100m Breaststroke SB6 13      
100m Breaststroke SB7 13      
100m Breaststroke SB8 13      
100m Breaststroke SB9 13      
100m Breaststroke SB10 13      
100m Breaststroke SB11 13      
100m Breaststroke SB12 13      
100m Breaststroke SB13 13      
100m Breaststroke SB14 13 Madeleine McTernan 1:47.48 6 December 2014
100m Breaststroke SB15 13      
100m Breaststroke SB16 13      
100m Breaststroke SB17 13      
100m Breaststroke SB18 13      
100m Breaststroke SB19 13      
200m Breaststroke SB1 13      
200m Breaststroke SB2 13      
200m Breaststroke SB3 13      
200m Breaststroke SB4 13      
200m Breaststroke SB5 13      
200m Breaststroke SB6 13      
200m Breaststroke SB7 13      
200m Breaststroke SB8 13      
200m Breaststroke SB9 13      
200m Breaststroke SB10 13      
200m Breaststroke SB11 13      
200m Breaststroke SB12 13      
200m Breaststroke SB13 13      
200m Breaststroke SB14 13      
200m Breaststroke SB15 13      
200m Breaststroke SB16 13      
200m Breaststroke SB17 13      
200m Breaststroke SB18 13      
200m Breaststroke SB19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 4:05.18 2 December 2022
50m Butterfly S1 13      
50m Butterfly S2 13      
50m Butterfly S3 13      
50m Butterfly S4 13      
50m Butterfly S5 13      
50m Butterfly S6 13      
50m Butterfly S7 13      
50m Butterfly S8 13      
50m Butterfly S9 13      
50m Butterfly S10 13      
50m Butterfly S11 13      
50m Butterfly S12 13      
50m Butterfly S13 13      
50m Butterfly S14 13      
50m Butterfly S15 13      
50m Butterfly S16 13      
50m Butterfly S17 13      
50m Butterfly S18 13      
50m Butterfly S19 13 Rose-Anna Herden 47.80 14 October 2022
100m Butterfly S1 13      
100m Butterfly S2 13      
100m Butterfly S3 13      
100m Butterfly S4 13      
100m Butterfly S5 13      
100m Butterfly S6 13      
100m Butterfly S7 13      
100m Butterfly S8 13      
100m Butterfly S9 13      
100m Butterfly S10 13      
100m Butterfly S11 13      
100m Butterfly S12 13      
100m Butterfly S13 13      
100m Butterfly S14 13      
100m Butterfly S15 13      
100m Butterfly S16 13      
100m Butterfly S17 13      
100m Butterfly S18 13      
100m Butterfly S19 13      
200m Butterfly S1 13      
200m Butterfly S2 13      
200m Butterfly S3 13      
200m Butterfly S4 13      
200m Butterfly S5 13      
200m Butterfly S6 13      
200m Butterfly S7 13      
200m Butterfly S8 13      
200m Butterfly S9 13      
200m Butterfly S10 13      
200m Butterfly S11 13      
200m Butterfly S12 13      
200m Butterfly S13 13      
200m Butterfly S14 13      
200m Butterfly S15 13      
200m Butterfly S16 13      
200m Butterfly S17 13      
200m Butterfly S18 13      
200m Butterfly S19 13      
200m Individual Medley SM1 13      
200m Individual Medley SM2 13      
200m Individual Medley SM3 13      
200m Individual Medley SM4 13      
200m Individual Medley SM5 13      
200m Individual Medley SM6 13      
200m Individual Medley SM7 13      
200m Individual Medley SM8 13      
200m Individual Medley SM9 13      
200m Individual Medley SM10 13      
200m Individual Medley SM11 13      
200m Individual Medley SM12 13      
200m Individual Medley SM13 13      
200m Individual Medley SM14 13      
200m Individual Medley SM15 13      
200m Individual Medley SM16 13      
200m Individual Medley SM17 13      
200m Individual Medley SM18 13      
200m Individual Medley SM19 13      
400m Individual Medley SM1 13      
400m Individual Medley SM2 13      
400m Individual Medley SM3 13      
400m Individual Medley SM4 13      
400m Individual Medley SM5 13      
400m Individual Medley SM6 13      
400m Individual Medley SM7 13      
400m Individual Medley SM8 13      
400m Individual Medley SM9 13      
400m Individual Medley SM10 13      
400m Individual Medley SM11 13      
400m Individual Medley SM12 13      
400m Individual Medley SM13 13      
400m Individual Medley SM14 13      
400m Individual Medley SM15 13      
400m Individual Medley SM16 13      
400m Individual Medley SM17 13      
400m Individual Medley SM18 13      
400m Individual Medley SM19 13      
50m Freestyle S1 12      
50m Freestyle S2 12      
50m Freestyle S3 12      
50m Freestyle S4 12      
50m Freestyle S5 12      
50m Freestyle S6 12      
50m Freestyle S7 12      
50m Freestyle S8 12      
50m Freestyle S9 12      
50m Freestyle S10 12      
50m Freestyle S11 12      
50m Freestyle S12 12      
50m Freestyle S13 12      
50m Freestyle S14 12      
50m Freestyle S15 12      
50m Freestyle S16 12      
50m Freestyle S17 12      
50m Freestyle S18 12      
50m Freestyle S19 12      
100m Freestyle S1 12      
100m Freestyle S2 12      
100m Freestyle S3 12      
100m Freestyle S4 12      
100m Freestyle S5 12      
100m Freestyle S6 12      
100m Freestyle S7 12      
100m Freestyle S8 12      
100m Freestyle S9 12      
100m Freestyle S10 12      
100m Freestyle S11 12      
100m Freestyle S12 12      
100m Freestyle S13 12      
100m Freestyle S14 12      
100m Freestyle S15 12      
100m Freestyle S16 12      
100m Freestyle S17 12      
100m Freestyle S18 12      
100m Freestyle S19 12      
200m Freestyle S1 12      
200m Freestyle S2 12      
200m Freestyle S3 12      
200m Freestyle S4 12      
200m Freestyle S5 12      
200m Freestyle S6 12      
200m Freestyle S7 12      
200m Freestyle S8 12      
200m Freestyle S9 12      
200m Freestyle S10 12      
200m Freestyle S11 12      
200m Freestyle S12 12      
200m Freestyle S13 12      
200m Freestyle S14 12      
200m Freestyle S15 12      
200m Freestyle S16 12      
200m Freestyle S17 12      
200m Freestyle S18 12      
200m Freestyle S19 12      
400m Freestyle S1 12      
400m Freestyle S2 12      
400m Freestyle S3 12      
400m Freestyle S4 12      
400m Freestyle S5 12      
400m Freestyle S6 12      
400m Freestyle S7 12      
400m Freestyle S8 12      
400m Freestyle S9 12      
400m Freestyle S10 12      
400m Freestyle S11 12      
400m Freestyle S12 12      
400m Freestyle S13 12      
400m Freestyle S14 12      
400m Freestyle S15 12      
400m Freestyle S16 12      
400m Freestyle S17 12      
400m Freestyle S18 12      
400m Freestyle S19 12      
800m Freestyle S1 12      
800m Freestyle S2 12      
800m Freestyle S3 12      
800m Freestyle S4 12      
800m Freestyle S5 12      
800m Freestyle S6 12      
800m Freestyle S7 12      
800m Freestyle S8 12      
800m Freestyle S9 12      
800m Freestyle S10 12      
800m Freestyle S11 12      
800m Freestyle S12 12      
800m Freestyle S13 12      
800m Freestyle S14 12      
800m Freestyle S15 12      
800m Freestyle S16 12      
800m Freestyle S17 12      
800m Freestyle S18 12      
800m Freestyle S19 12      
1500m Freestyle S1 12      
1500m Freestyle S2 12      
1500m Freestyle S3 12      
1500m Freestyle S4 12      
1500m Freestyle S5 12      
1500m Freestyle S6 12      
1500m Freestyle S7 12      
1500m Freestyle S8 12      
1500m Freestyle S9 12      
1500m Freestyle S10 12      
1500m Freestyle S11 12      
1500m Freestyle S12 12      
1500m Freestyle S13 12      
1500m Freestyle S14 12      
1500m Freestyle S15 12      
1500m Freestyle S16 12      
1500m Freestyle S17 12      
1500m Freestyle S18 12      
1500m Freestyle S19 12      
50m Backstroke S1 12      
50m Backstroke S2 12      
50m Backstroke S3 12      
50m Backstroke S4 12      
50m Backstroke S5 12      
50m Backstroke S6 12      
50m Backstroke S7 12      
50m Backstroke S8 12      
50m Backstroke S9 12      
50m Backstroke S10 12      
50m Backstroke S11 12      
50m Backstroke S12 12      
50m Backstroke S13 12      
50m Backstroke S14 12      
50m Backstroke S15 12      
50m Backstroke S16 12      
50m Backstroke S17 12      
50m Backstroke S18 12      
50m Backstroke S19 12      
100m Backstroke S1 12      
100m Backstroke S2 12      
100m Backstroke S3 12      
100m Backstroke S4 12      
100m Backstroke S5 12      
100m Backstroke S6 12      
100m Backstroke S7 12      
100m Backstroke S8 12      
100m Backstroke S9 12      
100m Backstroke S10 12      
100m Backstroke S11 12      
100m Backstroke S12 12      
100m Backstroke S13 12      
100m Backstroke S14 12      
100m Backstroke S15 12      
100m Backstroke S16 12      
100m Backstroke S17 12      
100m Backstroke S18 12      
100m Backstroke S19 12      
200m Backstroke S1 12      
200m Backstroke S2 12      
200m Backstroke S3 12      
200m Backstroke S4 12      
200m Backstroke S5 12      
200m Backstroke S6 12      
200m Backstroke S7 12      
200m Backstroke S8 12      
200m Backstroke S9 12      
200m Backstroke S10 12      
200m Backstroke S11 12      
200m Backstroke S12 12      
200m Backstroke S13 12      
200m Backstroke S14 12      
200m Backstroke S15 12      
200m Backstroke S16 12      
200m Backstroke S17 12      
200m Backstroke S18 12      
200m Backstroke S19 12      
50m Breaststroke SB1 12      
50m Breaststroke SB2 12      
50m Breaststroke SB3 12      
50m Breaststroke SB4 12      
50m Breaststroke SB5 12      
50m Breaststroke SB6 12      
50m Breaststroke SB7 12      
50m Breaststroke SB8 12      
50m Breaststroke SB9 12      
50m Breaststroke SB10 12      
50m Breaststroke SB11 12      
50m Breaststroke SB12 12      
50m Breaststroke SB13 12      
50m Breaststroke SB14 12      
50m Breaststroke SB15 12      
50m Breaststroke SB16 12      
50m Breaststroke SB17 12      
50m Breaststroke SB18 12      
50m Breaststroke SB19 12      
100m Breaststroke SB1 12      
100m Breaststroke SB2 12      
100m Breaststroke SB3 12      
100m Breaststroke SB4 12      
100m Breaststroke SB5 12      
100m Breaststroke SB6 12      
100m Breaststroke SB7 12      
100m Breaststroke SB8 12      
100m Breaststroke SB9 12      
100m Breaststroke SB10 12      
100m Breaststroke SB11 12      
100m Breaststroke SB12 12      
100m Breaststroke SB13 12      
100m Breaststroke SB14 12      
100m Breaststroke SB15 12      
100m Breaststroke SB16 12      
100m Breaststroke SB17 12      
100m Breaststroke SB18 12      
100m Breaststroke SB19 12      
200m Breaststroke SB1 12      
200m Breaststroke SB2 12      
200m Breaststroke SB3 12      
200m Breaststroke SB4 12      
200m Breaststroke SB5 12      
200m Breaststroke SB6 12      
200m Breaststroke SB7 12      
200m Breaststroke SB8 12      
200m Breaststroke SB9 12      
200m Breaststroke SB10 12      
200m Breaststroke SB11 12      
200m Breaststroke SB12 12      
200m Breaststroke SB13 12      
200m Breaststroke SB14 12      
200m Breaststroke SB15 12      
200m Breaststroke SB16 12      
200m Breaststroke SB17 12      
200m Breaststroke SB18 12      
200m Breaststroke SB19 12      
50m Butterfly S1 12      
50m Butterfly S2 12      
50m Butterfly S3 12      
50m Butterfly S4 12      
50m Butterfly S5 12      
50m Butterfly S6 12      
50m Butterfly S7 12      
50m Butterfly S8 12      
50m Butterfly S9 12      
50m Butterfly S10 12      
50m Butterfly S11 12      
50m Butterfly S12 12      
50m Butterfly S13 12      
50m Butterfly S14 12      
50m Butterfly S15 12      
50m Butterfly S16 12      
50m Butterfly S17 12      
50m Butterfly S18 12      
50m Butterfly S19 12      
100m Butterfly S1 12      
100m Butterfly S2 12      
100m Butterfly S3 12      
100m Butterfly S4 12      
100m Butterfly S5 12      
100m Butterfly S6 12      
100m Butterfly S7 12      
100m Butterfly S8 12      
100m Butterfly S9 12      
100m Butterfly S10 12      
100m Butterfly S11 12      
100m Butterfly S12 12      
100m Butterfly S13 12      
100m Butterfly S14 12      
100m Butterfly S15 12      
100m Butterfly S16 12      
100m Butterfly S17 12      
100m Butterfly S18 12      
100m Butterfly S19 12      
200m Butterfly S1 12      
200m Butterfly S2 12      
200m Butterfly S3 12      
200m Butterfly S4 12      
200m Butterfly S5 12      
200m Butterfly S6 12      
200m Butterfly S7 12      
200m Butterfly S8 12      
200m Butterfly S9 12      
200m Butterfly S10 12      
200m Butterfly S11 12      
200m Butterfly S12 12      
200m Butterfly S13 12      
200m Butterfly S14 12      
200m Butterfly S15 12      
200m Butterfly S16 12      
200m Butterfly S17 12      
200m Butterfly S18 12      
200m Butterfly S19 12      
200m Individual Medley SM1 12      
200m Individual Medley SM2 12      
200m Individual Medley SM3 12      
200m Individual Medley SM4 12      
200m Individual Medley SM5 12      
200m Individual Medley SM6 12      
200m Individual Medley SM7 12      
200m Individual Medley SM8 12      
200m Individual Medley SM9 12      
200m Individual Medley SM10 12      
200m Individual Medley SM11 12      
200m Individual Medley SM12 12      
200m Individual Medley SM13 12      
200m Individual Medley SM14 12      
200m Individual Medley SM15 12      
200m Individual Medley SM16 12      
200m Individual Medley SM17 12      
200m Individual Medley SM18 12      
200m Individual Medley SM19 12      
400m Individual Medley SM1 12      
400m Individual Medley SM2 12      
400m Individual Medley SM3 12      
400m Individual Medley SM4 12      
400m Individual Medley SM5 12      
400m Individual Medley SM6 12      
400m Individual Medley SM7 12      
400m Individual Medley SM8 12      
400m Individual Medley SM9 12      
400m Individual Medley SM10 12      
400m Individual Medley SM11 12      
400m Individual Medley SM12 12      
400m Individual Medley SM13 12      
400m Individual Medley SM14 12      
400m Individual Medley SM15 12      
400m Individual Medley SM16 12      
400m Individual Medley SM17 12      
400m Individual Medley SM18 12      
400m Individual Medley SM19 12      
50m Freestyle S1 11      
50m Freestyle S2 11      
50m Freestyle S3 11      
50m Freestyle S4 11      
50m Freestyle S5 11      
50m Freestyle S6 11      
50m Freestyle S7 11      
50m Freestyle S8 11      
50m Freestyle S9 11      
50m Freestyle S10 11      
50m Freestyle S11 11      
50m Freestyle S12 11      
50m Freestyle S13 11      
50m Freestyle S14 11      
50m Freestyle S15 11      
50m Freestyle S16 11      
50m Freestyle S17 11      
50m Freestyle S18 11      
50m Freestyle S19 11      
100m Freestyle S1 11      
100m Freestyle S2 11      
100m Freestyle S3 11      
100m Freestyle S4 11      
100m Freestyle S5 11      
100m Freestyle S6 11      
100m Freestyle S7 11      
100m Freestyle S8 11      
100m Freestyle S9 11      
100m Freestyle S10 11      
100m Freestyle S11 11      
100m Freestyle S12 11      
100m Freestyle S13 11      
100m Freestyle S14 11      
100m Freestyle S15 11      
100m Freestyle S16 11      
100m Freestyle S17 11      
100m Freestyle S18 11      
100m Freestyle S19 11      
200m Freestyle S1 11      
200m Freestyle S2 11      
200m Freestyle S3 11      
200m Freestyle S4 11      
200m Freestyle S5 11      
200m Freestyle S6 11      
200m Freestyle S7 11      
200m Freestyle S8 11      
200m Freestyle S9 11      
200m Freestyle S10 11      
200m Freestyle S11 11      
200m Freestyle S12 11      
200m Freestyle S13 11      
200m Freestyle S14 11      
200m Freestyle S15 11      
200m Freestyle S16 11      
200m Freestyle S17 11      
200m Freestyle S18 11      
200m Freestyle S19 11      
400m Freestyle S1 11      
400m Freestyle S2 11      
400m Freestyle S3 11      
400m Freestyle S4 11      
400m Freestyle S5 11      
400m Freestyle S6 11      
400m Freestyle S7 11      
400m Freestyle S8 11      
400m Freestyle S9 11      
400m Freestyle S10 11      
400m Freestyle S11 11      
400m Freestyle S12 11      
400m Freestyle S13 11      
400m Freestyle S14 11      
400m Freestyle S15 11      
400m Freestyle S16 11      
400m Freestyle S17 11      
400m Freestyle S18 11      
400m Freestyle S19 11      
800m Freestyle S1 11      
800m Freestyle S2 11      
800m Freestyle S3 11      
800m Freestyle S4 11      
800m Freestyle S5 11      
800m Freestyle S6 11      
800m Freestyle S7 11      
800m Freestyle S8 11      
800m Freestyle S9 11      
800m Freestyle S10 11      
800m Freestyle S11 11      
800m Freestyle S12 11      
800m Freestyle S13 11      
800m Freestyle S14 11      
800m Freestyle S15 11      
800m Freestyle S16 11      
800m Freestyle S17 11      
800m Freestyle S18 11      
800m Freestyle S19 11      
1500m Freestyle S1 11      
1500m Freestyle S2 11      
1500m Freestyle S3 11      
1500m Freestyle S4 11      
1500m Freestyle S5 11      
1500m Freestyle S6 11      
1500m Freestyle S7 11      
1500m Freestyle S8 11      
1500m Freestyle S9 11      
1500m Freestyle S10 11      
1500m Freestyle S11 11      
1500m Freestyle S12 11      
1500m Freestyle S13 11      
1500m Freestyle S14 11      
1500m Freestyle S15 11      
1500m Freestyle S16 11      
1500m Freestyle S17 11      
1500m Freestyle S18 11      
1500m Freestyle S19 11      
50m Backstroke S1 11      
50m Backstroke S2 11      
50m Backstroke S3 11      
50m Backstroke S4 11      
50m Backstroke S5 11      
50m Backstroke S6 11      
50m Backstroke S7 11      
50m Backstroke S8 11      
50m Backstroke S9 11      
50m Backstroke S10 11      
50m Backstroke S11 11      
50m Backstroke S12 11      
50m Backstroke S13 11      
50m Backstroke S14 11      
50m Backstroke S15 11      
50m Backstroke S16 11      
50m Backstroke S17 11      
50m Backstroke S18 11      
50m Backstroke S19 11      
100m Backstroke S1 11      
100m Backstroke S2 11      
100m Backstroke S3 11      
100m Backstroke S4 11      
100m Backstroke S5 11      
100m Backstroke S6 11      
100m Backstroke S7 11      
100m Backstroke S8 11      
100m Backstroke S9 11      
100m Backstroke S10 11      
100m Backstroke S11 11      
100m Backstroke S12 11      
100m Backstroke S13 11      
100m Backstroke S14 11      
100m Backstroke S15 11      
100m Backstroke S16 11      
100m Backstroke S17 11      
100m Backstroke S18 11      
100m Backstroke S19 11      
200m Backstroke S1 11      
200m Backstroke S2 11      
200m Backstroke S3 11      
200m Backstroke S4 11      
200m Backstroke S5 11      
200m Backstroke S6 11      
200m Backstroke S7 11      
200m Backstroke S8 11      
200m Backstroke S9 11      
200m Backstroke S10 11      
200m Backstroke S11 11      
200m Backstroke S12 11      
200m Backstroke S13 11      
200m Backstroke S14 11      
200m Backstroke S15 11      
200m Backstroke S16 11      
200m Backstroke S17 11      
200m Backstroke S18 11      
200m Backstroke S19 11      
50m Breaststroke SB1 11      
50m Breaststroke SB2 11      
50m Breaststroke SB3 11      
50m Breaststroke SB4 11      
50m Breaststroke SB5 11      
50m Breaststroke SB6 11      
50m Breaststroke SB7 11      
50m Breaststroke SB8 11      
50m Breaststroke SB9 11      
50m Breaststroke SB10 11      
50m Breaststroke SB11 11      
50m Breaststroke SB12 11      
50m Breaststroke SB13 11      
50m Breaststroke SB14 11      
50m Breaststroke SB15 11      
50m Breaststroke SB16 11      
50m Breaststroke SB17 11      
50m Breaststroke SB18 11      
50m Breaststroke SB19 11      
100m Breaststroke SB1 11      
100m Breaststroke SB2 11      
100m Breaststroke SB3 11      
100m Breaststroke SB4 11      
100m Breaststroke SB5 11      
100m Breaststroke SB6 11      
100m Breaststroke SB7 11      
100m Breaststroke SB8 11      
100m Breaststroke SB9 11      
100m Breaststroke SB10 11      
100m Breaststroke SB11 11      
100m Breaststroke SB12 11      
100m Breaststroke SB13 11      
100m Breaststroke SB14 11      
100m Breaststroke SB15 11      
100m Breaststroke SB16 11      
100m Breaststroke SB17 11      
100m Breaststroke SB18 11      
100m Breaststroke SB19 11      
200m Breaststroke SB1 11      
200m Breaststroke SB2 11      
200m Breaststroke SB3 11      
200m Breaststroke SB4 11      
200m Breaststroke SB5 11      
200m Breaststroke SB6 11      
200m Breaststroke SB7 11      
200m Breaststroke SB8 11      
200m Breaststroke SB9 11      
200m Breaststroke SB10 11      
200m Breaststroke SB11 11      
200m Breaststroke SB12 11      
200m Breaststroke SB13 11      
200m Breaststroke SB14 11      
200m Breaststroke SB15 11      
200m Breaststroke SB16 11      
200m Breaststroke SB17 11      
200m Breaststroke SB18 11      
200m Breaststroke SB19 11      
50m Butterfly S1 11      
50m Butterfly S2 11      
50m Butterfly S3 11      
50m Butterfly S4 11      
50m Butterfly S5 11      
50m Butterfly S6 11      
50m Butterfly S7 11      
50m Butterfly S8 11      
50m Butterfly S9 11      
50m Butterfly S10 11      
50m Butterfly S11 11      
50m Butterfly S12 11      
50m Butterfly S13 11      
50m Butterfly S14 11      
50m Butterfly S15 11      
50m Butterfly S16 11      
50m Butterfly S17 11      
50m Butterfly S18 11      
50m Butterfly S19 11      
100m Butterfly S1 11      
100m Butterfly S2 11      
100m Butterfly S3 11      
100m Butterfly S4 11      
100m Butterfly S5 11      
100m Butterfly S6 11      
100m Butterfly S7 11      
100m Butterfly S8 11      
100m Butterfly S9 11      
100m Butterfly S10 11      
100m Butterfly S11 11      
100m Butterfly S12 11      
100m Butterfly S13 11      
100m Butterfly S14 11      
100m Butterfly S15 11      
100m Butterfly S16 11      
100m Butterfly S17 11      
100m Butterfly S18 11      
100m Butterfly S19 11      
200m Butterfly S1 11      
200m Butterfly S2 11      
200m Butterfly S3 11      
200m Butterfly S4 11      
200m Butterfly S5 11      
200m Butterfly S6 11      
200m Butterfly S7 11      
200m Butterfly S8 11      
200m Butterfly S9 11      
200m Butterfly S10 11      
200m Butterfly S11 11      
200m Butterfly S12 11      
200m Butterfly S13 11      
200m Butterfly S14 11      
200m Butterfly S15 11      
200m Butterfly S16 11      
200m Butterfly S17 11      
200m Butterfly S18 11      
200m Butterfly S19 11      
200m Individual Medley SM1 11      
200m Individual Medley SM2 11      
200m Individual Medley SM3 11      
200m Individual Medley SM4 11      
200m Individual Medley SM5 11      
200m Individual Medley SM6 11      
200m Individual Medley SM7 11      
200m Individual Medley SM8 11      
200m Individual Medley SM9 11      
200m Individual Medley SM10 11      
200m Individual Medley SM11 11      
200m Individual Medley SM12 11      
200m Individual Medley SM13 11      
200m Individual Medley SM14 11      
200m Individual Medley SM15 11      
200m Individual Medley SM16 11      
200m Individual Medley SM17 11      
200m Individual Medley SM18 11      
200m Individual Medley SM19 11      
400m Individual Medley SM1 11      
400m Individual Medley SM2 11      
400m Individual Medley SM3 11      
400m Individual Medley SM4 11      
400m Individual Medley SM5 11      
400m Individual Medley SM6 11      
400m Individual Medley SM7 11      
400m Individual Medley SM8 11      
400m Individual Medley SM9 11      
400m Individual Medley SM10 11      
400m Individual Medley SM11 11      
400m Individual Medley SM12 11      
400m Individual Medley SM13 11      
400m Individual Medley SM14 11      
400m Individual Medley SM15 11      
400m Individual Medley SM16 11      
400m Individual Medley SM17 11      
400m Individual Medley SM18 11      
400m Individual Medley SM19 11      
50m Freestyle S1 10      
50m Freestyle S2 10      
50m Freestyle S3 10      
50m Freestyle S4 10      
50m Freestyle S5 10      
50m Freestyle S6 10      
50m Freestyle S7 10      
50m Freestyle S8 10      
50m Freestyle S9 10      
50m Freestyle S10 10      
50m Freestyle S11 10      
50m Freestyle S12 10      
50m Freestyle S13 10      
50m Freestyle S14 10      
50m Freestyle S15 10      
50m Freestyle S16 10      
50m Freestyle S17 10      
50m Freestyle S18 10      
50m Freestyle S19 10      
100m Freestyle S1 10      
100m Freestyle S2 10      
100m Freestyle S3 10      
100m Freestyle S4 10      
100m Freestyle S5 10      
100m Freestyle S6 10      
100m Freestyle S7 10      
100m Freestyle S8 10      
100m Freestyle S9 10      
100m Freestyle S10 10      
100m Freestyle S11 10      
100m Freestyle S12 10      
100m Freestyle S13 10      
100m Freestyle S14 10      
100m Freestyle S15 10      
100m Freestyle S16 10      
100m Freestyle S17 10      
100m Freestyle S18 10      
100m Freestyle S19 10      
200m Freestyle S1 10      
200m Freestyle S2 10      
200m Freestyle S3 10      
200m Freestyle S4 10      
200m Freestyle S5 10      
200m Freestyle S6 10      
200m Freestyle S7 10      
200m Freestyle S8 10      
200m Freestyle S9 10      
200m Freestyle S10 10      
200m Freestyle S11 10      
200m Freestyle S12 10      
200m Freestyle S13 10      
200m Freestyle S14 10      
200m Freestyle S15 10      
200m Freestyle S16 10      
200m Freestyle S17 10      
200m Freestyle S18 10      
200m Freestyle S19 10      
400m Freestyle S1 10      
400m Freestyle S2 10      
400m Freestyle S3 10      
400m Freestyle S4 10      
400m Freestyle S5 10      
400m Freestyle S6 10      
400m Freestyle S7 10      
400m Freestyle S8 10      
400m Freestyle S9 10      
400m Freestyle S10 10      
400m Freestyle S11 10      
400m Freestyle S12 10      
400m Freestyle S13 10      
400m Freestyle S14 10      
400m Freestyle S15 10      
400m Freestyle S16 10      
400m Freestyle S17 10      
400m Freestyle S18 10      
400m Freestyle S19 10      
800m Freestyle S1 10      
800m Freestyle S2 10      
800m Freestyle S3 10      
800m Freestyle S4 10      
800m Freestyle S5 10      
800m Freestyle S6 10      
800m Freestyle S7 10      
800m Freestyle S8 10      
800m Freestyle S9 10      
800m Freestyle S10 10      
800m Freestyle S11 10      
800m Freestyle S12 10      
800m Freestyle S13 10      
800m Freestyle S14 10      
800m Freestyle S15 10      
800m Freestyle S16 10      
800m Freestyle S17 10      
800m Freestyle S18 10      
800m Freestyle S19 10      
1500m Freestyle S1 10      
1500m Freestyle S2 10      
1500m Freestyle S3 10      
1500m Freestyle S4 10      
1500m Freestyle S5 10      
1500m Freestyle S6 10      
1500m Freestyle S7 10      
1500m Freestyle S8 10      
1500m Freestyle S9 10      
1500m Freestyle S10 10      
1500m Freestyle S11 10      
1500m Freestyle S12 10      
1500m Freestyle S13 10      
1500m Freestyle S14 10      
1500m Freestyle S15 10      
1500m Freestyle S16 10      
1500m Freestyle S17 10      
1500m Freestyle S18 10      
1500m Freestyle S19 10      
50m Backstroke S1 10      
50m Backstroke S2 10      
50m Backstroke S3 10      
50m Backstroke S4 10      
50m Backstroke S5 10      
50m Backstroke S6 10      
50m Backstroke S7 10      
50m Backstroke S8 10      
50m Backstroke S9 10      
50m Backstroke S10 10      
50m Backstroke S11 10      
50m Backstroke S12 10      
50m Backstroke S13 10      
50m Backstroke S14 10      
50m Backstroke S15 10      
50m Backstroke S16 10      
50m Backstroke S17 10      
50m Backstroke S18 10      
50m Backstroke S19 10      
100m Backstroke S1 10      
100m Backstroke S2 10      
100m Backstroke S3 10      
100m Backstroke S4 10      
100m Backstroke S5 10      
100m Backstroke S6 10      
100m Backstroke S7 10      
100m Backstroke S8 10      
100m Backstroke S9 10      
100m Backstroke S10 10      
100m Backstroke S11 10      
100m Backstroke S12 10      
100m Backstroke S13 10      
100m Backstroke S14 10      
100m Backstroke S15 10      
100m Backstroke S16 10      
100m Backstroke S17 10      
100m Backstroke S18 10      
100m Backstroke S19 10      
200m Backstroke S1 10      
200m Backstroke S2 10      
200m Backstroke S3 10      
200m Backstroke S4 10      
200m Backstroke S5 10      
200m Backstroke S6 10      
200m Backstroke S7 10      
200m Backstroke S8 10      
200m Backstroke S9 10      
200m Backstroke S10 10      
200m Backstroke S11 10      
200m Backstroke S12 10      
200m Backstroke S13 10      
200m Backstroke S14 10      
200m Backstroke S15 10      
200m Backstroke S16 10      
200m Backstroke S17 10      
200m Backstroke S18 10      
200m Backstroke S19 10      
50m Breaststroke SB1 10      
50m Breaststroke SB2 10      
50m Breaststroke SB3 10      
50m Breaststroke SB4 10      
50m Breaststroke SB5 10      
50m Breaststroke SB6 10      
50m Breaststroke SB7 10      
50m Breaststroke SB8 10      
50m Breaststroke SB9 10      
50m Breaststroke SB10 10      
50m Breaststroke SB11 10      
50m Breaststroke SB12 10      
50m Breaststroke SB13 10      
50m Breaststroke SB14 10      
50m Breaststroke SB15 10      
50m Breaststroke SB16 10      
50m Breaststroke SB17 10      
50m Breaststroke SB18 10      
50m Breaststroke SB19 10      
100m Breaststroke SB1 10      
100m Breaststroke SB2 10      
100m Breaststroke SB3 10      
100m Breaststroke SB4 10      
100m Breaststroke SB5 10      
100m Breaststroke SB6 10      
100m Breaststroke SB7 10      
100m Breaststroke SB8 10      
100m Breaststroke SB9 10      
100m Breaststroke SB10 10      
100m Breaststroke SB11 10      
100m Breaststroke SB12 10      
100m Breaststroke SB13 10      
100m Breaststroke SB14 10      
100m Breaststroke SB15 10      
100m Breaststroke SB16 10      
100m Breaststroke SB17 10      
100m Breaststroke SB18 10      
100m Breaststroke SB19 10      
200m Breaststroke SB1 10      
200m Breaststroke SB2 10      
200m Breaststroke SB3 10      
200m Breaststroke SB4 10      
200m Breaststroke SB5 10      
200m Breaststroke SB6 10      
200m Breaststroke SB7 10      
200m Breaststroke SB8 10      
200m Breaststroke SB9 10      
200m Breaststroke SB10 10      
200m Breaststroke SB11 10      
200m Breaststroke SB12 10      
200m Breaststroke SB13 10      
200m Breaststroke SB14 10      
200m Breaststroke SB15 10      
200m Breaststroke SB16 10      
200m Breaststroke SB17 10      
200m Breaststroke SB18 10      
200m Breaststroke SB19 10      
50m Butterfly S1 10      
50m Butterfly S2 10      
50m Butterfly S3 10      
50m Butterfly S4 10      
50m Butterfly S5 10      
50m Butterfly S6 10      
50m Butterfly S7 10      
50m Butterfly S8 10      
50m Butterfly S9 10      
50m Butterfly S10 10      
50m Butterfly S11 10      
50m Butterfly S12 10      
50m Butterfly S13 10      
50m Butterfly S14 10      
50m Butterfly S15 10      
50m Butterfly S16 10      
50m Butterfly S17 10      
50m Butterfly S18 10      
50m Butterfly S19 10      
100m Butterfly S1 10      
100m Butterfly S2 10      
100m Butterfly S3 10      
100m Butterfly S4 10      
100m Butterfly S5 10      
100m Butterfly S6 10      
100m Butterfly S7 10      
100m Butterfly S8 10      
100m Butterfly S9 10      
100m Butterfly S10 10      
100m Butterfly S11 10      
100m Butterfly S12 10      
100m Butterfly S13 10      
100m Butterfly S14 10      
100m Butterfly S15 10      
100m Butterfly S16 10      
100m Butterfly S17 10      
100m Butterfly S18 10      
100m Butterfly S19 10      
200m Butterfly S1 10      
200m Butterfly S2 10      
200m Butterfly S3 10      
200m Butterfly S4 10      
200m Butterfly S5 10      
200m Butterfly S6 10      
200m Butterfly S7 10      
200m Butterfly S8 10      
200m Butterfly S9 10      
200m Butterfly S10 10      
200m Butterfly S11 10      
200m Butterfly S12 10      
200m Butterfly S13 10      
200m Butterfly S14 10      
200m Butterfly S15 10      
200m Butterfly S16 10      
200m Butterfly S17 10      
200m Butterfly S18 10      
200m Butterfly S19 10      
200m Individual Medley SM1 10      
200m Individual Medley SM2 10      
200m Individual Medley SM3 10      
200m Individual Medley SM4 10      
200m Individual Medley SM5 10      
200m Individual Medley SM6 10      
200m Individual Medley SM7 10      
200m Individual Medley SM8 10      
200m Individual Medley SM9 10      
200m Individual Medley SM10 10      
200m Individual Medley SM11 10      
200m Individual Medley SM12 10      
200m Individual Medley SM13 10      
200m Individual Medley SM14 10      
200m Individual Medley SM15 10      
200m Individual Medley SM16 10      
200m Individual Medley SM17 10      
200m Individual Medley SM18 10      
200m Individual Medley SM19 10      
400m Individual Medley SM1 10      
400m Individual Medley SM2 10      
400m Individual Medley SM3 10      
400m Individual Medley SM4 10      
400m Individual Medley SM5 10      
400m Individual Medley SM6 10      
400m Individual Medley SM7 10      
400m Individual Medley SM8 10      
400m Individual Medley SM9 10      
400m Individual Medley SM10 10      
400m Individual Medley SM11 10      
400m Individual Medley SM12 10      
400m Individual Medley SM13 10      
400m Individual Medley SM14 10      
400m Individual Medley SM15 10      
400m Individual Medley SM16 10      
400m Individual Medley SM17 10      
400m Individual Medley SM18 10      
400m Individual Medley SM19 10      
50m Freestyle S1 9      
50m Freestyle S2 9      
50m Freestyle S3 9      
50m Freestyle S4 9      
50m Freestyle S5 9      
50m Freestyle S6 9      
50m Freestyle S7 9      
50m Freestyle S8 9      
50m Freestyle S9 9      
50m Freestyle S10 9      
50m Freestyle S11 9      
50m Freestyle S12 9      
50m Freestyle S13 9      
50m Freestyle S14 9      
50m Freestyle S15 9      
50m Freestyle S16 9      
50m Freestyle S17 9      
50m Freestyle S18 9      
50m Freestyle S19 9      
100m Freestyle S1 9      
100m Freestyle S2 9      
100m Freestyle S3 9      
100m Freestyle S4 9      
100m Freestyle S5 9      
100m Freestyle S6 9      
100m Freestyle S7 9      
100m Freestyle S8 9      
100m Freestyle S9 9      
100m Freestyle S10 9      
100m Freestyle S11 9      
100m Freestyle S12 9      
100m Freestyle S13 9      
100m Freestyle S14 9      
100m Freestyle S15 9      
100m Freestyle S16 9      
100m Freestyle S17 9      
100m Freestyle S18 9      
100m Freestyle S19 9      
200m Freestyle S1 9      
200m Freestyle S2 9      
200m Freestyle S3 9      
200m Freestyle S4 9      
200m Freestyle S5 9      
200m Freestyle S6 9      
200m Freestyle S7 9      
200m Freestyle S8 9      
200m Freestyle S9 9      
200m Freestyle S10 9      
200m Freestyle S11 9      
200m Freestyle S12 9      
200m Freestyle S13 9      
200m Freestyle S14 9      
200m Freestyle S15 9      
200m Freestyle S16 9      
200m Freestyle S17 9      
200m Freestyle S18 9      
200m Freestyle S19 9      
400m Freestyle S1 9      
400m Freestyle S2 9      
400m Freestyle S3 9      
400m Freestyle S4 9      
400m Freestyle S5 9      
400m Freestyle S6 9      
400m Freestyle S7 9      
400m Freestyle S8 9      
400m Freestyle S9 9      
400m Freestyle S10 9      
400m Freestyle S11 9      
400m Freestyle S12 9      
400m Freestyle S13 9      
400m Freestyle S14 9      
400m Freestyle S15 9      
400m Freestyle S16 9      
400m Freestyle S17 9      
400m Freestyle S18 9      
400m Freestyle S19 9      
800m Freestyle S1 9      
800m Freestyle S2 9      
800m Freestyle S3 9      
800m Freestyle S4 9      
800m Freestyle S5 9      
800m Freestyle S6 9      
800m Freestyle S7 9      
800m Freestyle S8 9      
800m Freestyle S9 9      
800m Freestyle S10 9      
800m Freestyle S11 9      
800m Freestyle S12 9      
800m Freestyle S13 9      
800m Freestyle S14 9      
800m Freestyle S15 9      
800m Freestyle S16 9      
800m Freestyle S17 9      
800m Freestyle S18 9      
800m Freestyle S19 9      
1500m Freestyle S1 9      
1500m Freestyle S2 9      
1500m Freestyle S3 9      
1500m Freestyle S4 9      
1500m Freestyle S5 9      
1500m Freestyle S6 9      
1500m Freestyle S7 9      
1500m Freestyle S8 9      
1500m Freestyle S9 9      
1500m Freestyle S10 9      
1500m Freestyle S11 9      
1500m Freestyle S12 9      
1500m Freestyle S13 9      
1500m Freestyle S14 9      
1500m Freestyle S15 9      
1500m Freestyle S16 9      
1500m Freestyle S17 9      
1500m Freestyle S18 9      
1500m Freestyle S19 9      
50m Backstroke S1 9      
50m Backstroke S2 9      
50m Backstroke S3 9      
50m Backstroke S4 9      
50m Backstroke S5 9      
50m Backstroke S6 9      
50m Backstroke S7 9      
50m Backstroke S8 9      
50m Backstroke S9 9      
50m Backstroke S10 9      
50m Backstroke S11 9      
50m Backstroke S12 9      
50m Backstroke S13 9      
50m Backstroke S14 9      
50m Backstroke S15 9      
50m Backstroke S16 9      
50m Backstroke S17 9      
50m Backstroke S18 9      
50m Backstroke S19 9      
100m Backstroke S1 9      
100m Backstroke S2 9      
100m Backstroke S3 9      
100m Backstroke S4 9      
100m Backstroke S5 9      
100m Backstroke S6 9      
100m Backstroke S7 9      
100m Backstroke S8 9      
100m Backstroke S9 9      
100m Backstroke S10 9      
100m Backstroke S11 9      
100m Backstroke S12 9      
100m Backstroke S13 9      
100m Backstroke S14 9      
100m Backstroke S15 9      
100m Backstroke S16 9      
100m Backstroke S17 9      
100m Backstroke S18 9      
100m Backstroke S19 9      
200m Backstroke S1 9      
200m Backstroke S2 9      
200m Backstroke S3 9      
200m Backstroke S4 9      
200m Backstroke S5 9      
200m Backstroke S6 9      
200m Backstroke S7 9      
200m Backstroke S8 9      
200m Backstroke S9 9      
200m Backstroke S10 9      
200m Backstroke S11 9      
200m Backstroke S12 9      
200m Backstroke S13 9      
200m Backstroke S14 9      
200m Backstroke S15 9      
200m Backstroke S16 9      
200m Backstroke S17 9      
200m Backstroke S18 9      
200m Backstroke S19 9      
50m Breaststroke SB1 9      
50m Breaststroke SB2 9      
50m Breaststroke SB3 9      
50m Breaststroke SB4 9      
50m Breaststroke SB5 9      
50m Breaststroke SB6 9      
50m Breaststroke SB7 9      
50m Breaststroke SB8 9      
50m Breaststroke SB9 9      
50m Breaststroke SB10 9      
50m Breaststroke SB11 9      
50m Breaststroke SB12 9      
50m Breaststroke SB13 9      
50m Breaststroke SB14 9      
50m Breaststroke SB15 9      
50m Breaststroke SB16 9      
50m Breaststroke SB17 9      
50m Breaststroke SB18 9      
50m Breaststroke SB19 9      
100m Breaststroke SB1 9      
100m Breaststroke SB2 9      
100m Breaststroke SB3 9      
100m Breaststroke SB4 9      
100m Breaststroke SB5 9      
100m Breaststroke SB6 9      
100m Breaststroke SB7 9      
100m Breaststroke SB8 9      
100m Breaststroke SB9 9      
100m Breaststroke SB10 9      
100m Breaststroke SB11 9      
100m Breaststroke SB12 9      
100m Breaststroke SB13 9      
100m Breaststroke SB14 9      
100m Breaststroke SB15 9      
100m Breaststroke SB16 9      
100m Breaststroke SB17 9      
100m Breaststroke SB18 9      
100m Breaststroke SB19 9      
200m Breaststroke SB1 9      
200m Breaststroke SB2 9      
200m Breaststroke SB3 9      
200m Breaststroke SB4 9      
200m Breaststroke SB5 9      
200m Breaststroke SB6 9      
200m Breaststroke SB7 9      
200m Breaststroke SB8 9      
200m Breaststroke SB9 9      
200m Breaststroke SB10 9      
200m Breaststroke SB11 9      
200m Breaststroke SB12 9      
200m Breaststroke SB13 9      
200m Breaststroke SB14 9      
200m Breaststroke SB15 9      
200m Breaststroke SB16 9      
200m Breaststroke SB17 9      
200m Breaststroke SB18 9      
200m Breaststroke SB19 9      
50m Butterfly S1 9      
50m Butterfly S2 9      
50m Butterfly S3 9      
50m Butterfly S4 9      
50m Butterfly S5 9      
50m Butterfly S6 9      
50m Butterfly S7 9      
50m Butterfly S8 9      
50m Butterfly S9 9      
50m Butterfly S10 9      
50m Butterfly S11 9      
50m Butterfly S12 9      
50m Butterfly S13 9      
50m Butterfly S14 9      
50m Butterfly S15 9      
50m Butterfly S16 9      
50m Butterfly S17 9      
50m Butterfly S18 9      
50m Butterfly S19 9      
100m Butterfly S1 9      
100m Butterfly S2 9      
100m Butterfly S3 9      
100m Butterfly S4 9      
100m Butterfly S5 9      
100m Butterfly S6 9      
100m Butterfly S7 9      
100m Butterfly S8 9      
100m Butterfly S9 9      
100m Butterfly S10 9      
100m Butterfly S11 9      
100m Butterfly S12 9      
100m Butterfly S13 9      
100m Butterfly S14 9      
100m Butterfly S15 9      
100m Butterfly S16 9      
100m Butterfly S17 9      
100m Butterfly S18 9      
100m Butterfly S19 9      
200m Butterfly S1 9      
200m Butterfly S2 9      
200m Butterfly S3 9      
200m Butterfly S4 9      
200m Butterfly S5 9      
200m Butterfly S6 9      
200m Butterfly S7 9      
200m Butterfly S8 9      
200m Butterfly S9 9      
200m Butterfly S10 9      
200m Butterfly S11 9      
200m Butterfly S12 9      
200m Butterfly S13 9      
200m Butterfly S14 9      
200m Butterfly S15 9      
200m Butterfly S16 9      
200m Butterfly S17 9      
200m Butterfly S18 9      
200m Butterfly S19 9      
200m Individual Medley SM1 9      
200m Individual Medley SM2 9      
200m Individual Medley SM3 9      
200m Individual Medley SM4 9      
200m Individual Medley SM5 9      
200m Individual Medley SM6 9      
200m Individual Medley SM7 9      
200m Individual Medley SM8 9      
200m Individual Medley SM9 9      
200m Individual Medley SM10 9      
200m Individual Medley SM11 9      
200m Individual Medley SM12 9      
200m Individual Medley SM13 9      
200m Individual Medley SM14 9      
200m Individual Medley SM15 9      
200m Individual Medley SM16 9      
200m Individual Medley SM17 9      
200m Individual Medley SM18 9      
200m Individual Medley SM19 9      
400m Individual Medley SM1 9      
400m Individual Medley SM2 9      
400m Individual Medley SM3 9      
400m Individual Medley SM4 9      
400m Individual Medley SM5 9      
400m Individual Medley SM6 9      
400m Individual Medley SM7 9      
400m Individual Medley SM8 9      
400m Individual Medley SM9 9      
400m Individual Medley SM10 9      
400m Individual Medley SM11 9      
400m Individual Medley SM12 9      
400m Individual Medley SM13 9      
400m Individual Medley SM14 9      
400m Individual Medley SM15 9      
400m Individual Medley SM16 9      
400m Individual Medley SM17 9      
400m Individual Medley SM18 9      
400m Individual Medley SM19 9      
50m Freestyle S1 JNR      
50m Freestyle S2 JNR      
50m Freestyle S3 JNR      
50m Freestyle S4 JNR      
50m Freestyle S5 JNR      
50m Freestyle S6 JNR      
50m Freestyle S7 JNR      
50m Freestyle S8 JNR      
50m Freestyle S9 JNR      
50m Freestyle S10 JNR      
50m Freestyle S11 JNR      
50m Freestyle S12 JNR      
50m Freestyle S13 JNR      
50m Freestyle S14 JNR      
50m Freestyle S15 JNR      
50m Freestyle S16 JNR      
50m Freestyle S17 JNR      
50m Freestyle S18 JNR      
50m Freestyle S19 JNR      
100m Freestyle S1 JNR      
100m Freestyle S2 JNR      
100m Freestyle S3 JNR      
100m Freestyle S4 JNR      
100m Freestyle S5 JNR      
100m Freestyle S6 JNR      
100m Freestyle S7 JNR      
100m Freestyle S8 JNR      
100m Freestyle S9 JNR      
100m Freestyle S10 JNR      
100m Freestyle S11 JNR      
100m Freestyle S12 JNR      
100m Freestyle S13 JNR      
100m Freestyle S14 JNR      
100m Freestyle S15 JNR      
100m Freestyle S16 JNR      
100m Freestyle S17 JNR      
100m Freestyle S18 JNR      
100m Freestyle S19 JNR      
200m Freestyle S1 JNR      
200m Freestyle S2 JNR      
200m Freestyle S3 JNR      
200m Freestyle S4 JNR      
200m Freestyle S5 JNR      
200m Freestyle S6 JNR      
200m Freestyle S7 JNR      
200m Freestyle S8 JNR      
200m Freestyle S9 JNR      
200m Freestyle S10 JNR      
200m Freestyle S11 JNR      
200m Freestyle S12 JNR      
200m Freestyle S13 JNR      
200m Freestyle S14 JNR      
200m Freestyle S15 JNR      
200m Freestyle S16 JNR      
200m Freestyle S17 JNR      
200m Freestyle S18 JNR      
200m Freestyle S19 JNR      
400m Freestyle S1 JNR      
400m Freestyle S2 JNR      
400m Freestyle S3 JNR      
400m Freestyle S4 JNR      
400m Freestyle S5 JNR      
400m Freestyle S6 JNR      
400m Freestyle S7 JNR      
400m Freestyle S8 JNR      
400m Freestyle S9 JNR      
400m Freestyle S10 JNR      
400m Freestyle S11 JNR      
400m Freestyle S12 JNR      
400m Freestyle S13 JNR      
400m Freestyle S14 JNR      
400m Freestyle S15 JNR      
400m Freestyle S16 JNR      
400m Freestyle S17 JNR      
400m Freestyle S18 JNR      
400m Freestyle S19 JNR      
800m Freestyle S1 JNR      
800m Freestyle S2 JNR      
800m Freestyle S3 JNR      
800m Freestyle S4 JNR      
800m Freestyle S5 JNR      
800m Freestyle S6 JNR      
800m Freestyle S7 JNR      
800m Freestyle S8 JNR      
800m Freestyle S9 JNR      
800m Freestyle S10 JNR      
800m Freestyle S11 JNR      
800m Freestyle S12 JNR      
800m Freestyle S13 JNR      
800m Freestyle S14 JNR      
800m Freestyle S15 JNR      
800m Freestyle S16 JNR      
800m Freestyle S17 JNR      
800m Freestyle S18 JNR      
800m Freestyle S19 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S1 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S2 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S3 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S4 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S5 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S6 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S7 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S8 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S9 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S10 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S11 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S12 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S13 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S14 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S15 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S16 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S17 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S18 JNR      
1500m Freestyle S19 JNR      
50m Backstroke S1 JNR      
50m Backstroke S2 JNR      
50m Backstroke S3 JNR      
50m Backstroke S4 JNR      
50m Backstroke S5 JNR      
50m Backstroke S6 JNR      
50m Backstroke S7 JNR      
50m Backstroke S8 JNR      
50m Backstroke S9 JNR      
50m Backstroke S10 JNR      
50m Backstroke S11 JNR      
50m Backstroke S12 JNR      
50m Backstroke S13 JNR      
50m Backstroke S14 JNR      
50m Backstroke S15 JNR      
50m Backstroke S16 JNR      
50m Backstroke S17 JNR      
50m Backstroke S18 JNR      
50m Backstroke S19 JNR      
100m Backstroke S1 JNR      
100m Backstroke S2 JNR      
100m Backstroke S3 JNR      
100m Backstroke S4 JNR      
100m Backstroke S5 JNR      
100m Backstroke S6 JNR      
100m Backstroke S7 JNR      
100m Backstroke S8 JNR      
100m Backstroke S9 JNR      
100m Backstroke S10 JNR      
100m Backstroke S11 JNR      
100m Backstroke S12 JNR      
100m Backstroke S13 JNR      
100m Backstroke S14 JNR      
100m Backstroke S15 JNR      
100m Backstroke S16 JNR      
100m Backstroke S17 JNR      
100m Backstroke S18 JNR      
100m Backstroke S19 JNR      
200m Backstroke S1 JNR      
200m Backstroke S2 JNR      
200m Backstroke S3 JNR      
200m Backstroke S4 JNR      
200m Backstroke S5 JNR      
200m Backstroke S6 JNR      
200m Backstroke S7 JNR      
200m Backstroke S8 JNR      
200m Backstroke S9 JNR      
200m Backstroke S10 JNR      
200m Backstroke S11 JNR      
200m Backstroke S12 JNR      
200m Backstroke S13 JNR      
200m Backstroke S14 JNR      
200m Backstroke S15 JNR      
200m Backstroke S16 JNR      
200m Backstroke S17 JNR      
200m Backstroke S18 JNR      
200m Backstroke S19 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB1 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB2 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB3 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB4 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB5 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB6 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB7 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB8 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB9 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB10 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB11 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB12 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB13 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB14 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB15 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB16 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB17 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB18 JNR      
50m Breaststroke SB19 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB1 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB2 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB3 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB4 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB5 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB6 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB7 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB8 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB9 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB10 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB11 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB12 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB13 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB14 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB15 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB16 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB17 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB18 JNR      
100m Breaststroke SB19 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB1 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB2 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB3 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB4 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB5 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB6 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB7 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB8 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB9 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB10 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB11 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB12 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB13 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB14 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB15 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB16 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB17 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB18 JNR      
200m Breaststroke SB19 JNR      
50m Butterfly S1 JNR      
50m Butterfly S2 JNR      
50m Butterfly S3 JNR      
50m Butterfly S4 JNR      
50m Butterfly S5 JNR      
50m Butterfly S6 JNR      
50m Butterfly S7 JNR      
50m Butterfly S8 JNR      
50m Butterfly S9 JNR      
50m Butterfly S10 JNR      
50m Butterfly S11 JNR      
50m Butterfly S12 JNR      
50m Butterfly S13 JNR      
50m Butterfly S14 JNR      
50m Butterfly S15 JNR      
50m Butterfly S16 JNR      
50m Butterfly S17 JNR      
50m Butterfly S18 JNR      
50m Butterfly S19 JNR      
100m Butterfly S1 JNR      
100m Butterfly S2 JNR      
100m Butterfly S3 JNR      
100m Butterfly S4 JNR      
100m Butterfly S5 JNR      
100m Butterfly S6 JNR      
100m Butterfly S7 JNR      
100m Butterfly S8 JNR      
100m Butterfly S9 JNR      
100m Butterfly S10 JNR      
100m Butterfly S11 JNR      
100m Butterfly S12 JNR      
100m Butterfly S13 JNR      
100m Butterfly S14 JNR      
100m Butterfly S15 JNR      
100m Butterfly S16 JNR      
100m Butterfly S17 JNR      
100m Butterfly S18 JNR      
100m Butterfly S19 JNR      
200m Butterfly S1 JNR      
200m Butterfly S2 JNR      
200m Butterfly S3 JNR      
200m Butterfly S4 JNR      
200m Butterfly S5 JNR      
200m Butterfly S6 JNR      
200m Butterfly S7 JNR      
200m Butterfly S8 JNR      
200m Butterfly S9 JNR      
200m Butterfly S10 JNR      
200m Butterfly S11 JNR      
200m Butterfly S12 JNR      
200m Butterfly S13 JNR      
200m Butterfly S14 JNR      
200m Butterfly S15 JNR      
200m Butterfly S16 JNR      
200m Butterfly S17 JNR      
200m Butterfly S18 JNR      
200m Butterfly S19 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM1 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM2 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM3 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM4 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM5 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM6 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM7 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM8 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM9 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM10 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM11 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM12 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM13 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM14 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM15 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM16 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM17 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM18 JNR      
200m Individual Medley SM19 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM1 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM2 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM3 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM4 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM5 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM6 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM7 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM8 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM9 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM10 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM11 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM12 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM13 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM14 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM15 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM16 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM17 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM18 JNR      
400m Individual Medley SM19 JNR